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Telehealth consultations with Jill Storstein


Jill Storstein is available for appointments online Telehealth consultations on Tuesday afternoons and Thursdays

Details of the appointment durations and price are detailed below. You will be asked to pay for the session on booking.

Once your appointment is booked, you will be emailed a link to connect you to the meeting. You will need an iPad, smart phone or computer with a webcam to connect to the call. To make an appointment or to ask any questions,  please contact Jill on

07772 501810 or or use the contact form here.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

First Fertility Appointment

75 mins £50

At your first fertility appointment, Jill will take a detailed medical and menstrual history and ask about the background to where you are on your fertility journey. You will be given some initial advice and map out a treatment plan. There will also be time for you to ask questions. This will take most of the hour and where time allows, a short acupressure demonstration may also be possible.

First Telehealth Appointment

60 - 75 mins  £45*

Initial appointment involves taking a full history, assessment and treatment plan. Acupressure and other self-care instruction will be give along with initial lifestyle/diet advice will be given if appropriate.

Longer Follow-up Appointment

45 mins  £40*

Follow-up appointments are either 30 or 45 minutes depending on your individual needs. The longer, 45 minute appointment may be suitable for a relaxing guided mindfulness session, or if we are in need of more time to talk to conduct a review or for emotional support.

Short Follow-up Appointment

30 mins  £30*

Follow-up appointment allow for a quick catch up and adjustments to acupressure/self-care guidance. 

NB The fees detailed above covers the time of session, summary report and basic information only. Preparation of acupressure guidance packs, detailed reports and products in self-care packages are charged separately. 


*These prices have been discounted from my usual rates during the Coronavirus lockdown as I'm aware that many will be facing financial hardship or uncertainty. I don't want the cost to be prohibitive, so further discount may be possible on request, but please note that I have also been significantly financially impacted. Please only ask if you really do need it, then I would be happy to lower the cost further for you. 

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