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Jill Storstein Acupuncture Covid-19 Safety Policy 18/04/2022


From 18th April 2022, the Scottish Government has lifted all legal rules and restrictions relating to Covid-19. However, Covid-19 has not gone away and acupuncture is a close contact health service and as such the Government and my professional body (the British Acupuncture Council) still require me to conduct a risk assessment with special consideration to Covid-19. They have also strongly recommended that some measures are retained for the foreseeable future.  This is to protect you, me and my other clients (many of whom are more clinically vulnerable to the virus). 


Covid-19 (and some other viruses) are spread through the air (called aerosols) and droplets. More aerosols are produced when talking, they accumulate and can linger in the air. Therefore, the following measures will be taken to reduce transmission risk:


Facemasks to protect us both and my other clients



  • I will continue to wear a facemask when I am performing acupuncture as I often work close to your face where the transmission risk is greatest. 


  • I would ask that you also continue to wear a facemask while receiving acupuncture, but once the needles have been placed, you may remove it while you relax during the treatment. 

  • You do not need to wear a facemask for treatments where you are lying facedown. 

  • If you have a medical exemption from wearing a mask or are receiving treatment for something that would benefit from acupuncture near the mouth or nose, a mask is not necessary. 

  • If you feel strongly about not wearing a mask, please discuss with me to see if other mitigations can be made.


Ventilation, cleaning and appointment structure

  • For the time being, I will continue to conduct consultations in two parts. The first part is done via phone or video call to get the full history for first appointments or for a catch-up call for follow-ups. The second part is for the treatment itself. 

  • I will continue to have a short break between client appointments to allow me to ventilate and clean the room.


Arriving for your Appointment and the Waiting Area

  • Please continue to wash or sanitise your hands on arrival;

  • You are welcome to sit in the waiting area while you wait for your appointment. However, if you would prefer to wait outside or in your car please just text me to let me know you are here at the time of your appointment. 


Covid-19 Pre-Appointment Screening

To reduce bureaucracy I am discontinuing the need to complete the pre-appointment screening form before your appointment. However, please do let me know ahead of your appointment if you, someone in your household or someone you were in prolonged close contact with in an enclosed space has tested positive for Covid-19 or has symptoms that are likely to be it. 


For more information about Covid symptoms please visit this link here:


For more information about facemasks in healthcare settings, please visit these links here:

If you have any questions about my safety procedures, please feel free to get in touch  (phone number 07772 501810 or email: 


Information for Edinburgh Patients

Unfortunately, due to the increased costs off PPE and the reduced number of appointments I can offer due to the necessary adjustments for safe practice during the Covid-19 Pandemic, I took the difficult decision not to return to my Edinburgh practice at Albany Street. I continue to practice in Aberfeldy and focus my energies there. I will however, continue to offer telehealth Fertility support and advice consultations and provide tailored self-care packages. 

​My colleagues at the Albany Street Clinic in Edinburgh have returned to practice and would be happy to help those in Edinburgh looking for an acupuncture appointment. 


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