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Jill Storstein Acupuncture Clinic Update 14/04/21


CURRENT STATUS: Aberfeldy Practice Open with Careful Practice for Urgent and High Needs Patients with GP Referral Letter only. REOPENING FOR ALL 27th APRIL 2021

This page is divided into 2 sections to align with the different level of restrictions.  We are currently under the restrictions laid out in section 1. From 27th April 2021, the practice will be open for all. Please note however that I do have a waiting list. Please use the get in touch button below if you would like to ask more about acupuncture or would like to be added to the waiting list.


1. Scottish Government Protection Level 4 and Lockdown 

THE INFORMATION BELOW HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED AS OF 19/02/2021 - in light of new information from the Scottish Government made available to the British Acupuncture Council, acupuncturists have been instructed that they may only treat patients with high and urgent needs who have a referral from a GP or other Allied Health Professional. 

Under the Scottish Government protection level 4 and the enhanced measures for the lockdown announced on 4th January by the First Minister of Scotland, my Aberfeldy practice will remain open but only for patients with urgent and high needs with GP referral. My professional body, the British Acupuncture Council (the BAcC) has asserted that as professional acupuncturists delivering healthcare, we are indeed healthcare practitioners and therefore should be exempt from the need to close. The Scottish Government guidance outlines that essential support services are exempt from closure and define an essential support services as 


“one where the participant’s health (including their mental health) and wellbeing would be significantly impacted by non-attendance. If services must take place in-person, relevant guidance must be followed”.  

Source: under the Support Services section).


This helps with the definition of what constitutes urgent and high needs. An outline of the enhanced safety measures and hygiene protocols I have put in place are outlined below.


2. Scottish Government Protection Level 2 and 3 (FROM 27/04/2021 until further notice)

Under the Scottish Government protection levels 2 and 3, my Aberfeldy practice will be fully open for all but with careful social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures in place (more details below).


Enhanced Hygiene and Safety Measures 

Your safety is very important to me so I am doing all that I can to minimise risk to you - this also means keeping myself safe so there is much less chance of me catching it and passing it on. The BAcC has prepared stringent Covid-19 secure guidelines to ensure that you and I will be safer when you come for treatment. There are some changes to how face-to-face appointments operated in the pre-Covid19 era.

  1. Reducing the time spent in the same room together. Research has shown that there is a higher risk of transmission if longer periods of time are spent in an enclosed space. So, we need to reduce the amount of time we are physically in the same room as each other. My appointments usually take around 45 minutes to an hour which gives us time to have a chat and catchup on how you are doing then move on to treatment. To minimise the time we are physically together, I will conduct this first part of the treatment online or in a phone call before the treatment. I have a practice management system in place with a secure telehealth platform to deliver this.  For the treatment itself,  my Aberfeldy clinic has two adjoining rooms both with windows that open. It only takes a few minutes to do the acupuncture when I need to be in the room with you. So I'll do the acupuncture as usual, make sure you're safe and cosy and leave you to relax with some music while the acupuncture does its magic. I'll be right next door in adjoining room - as usual.

  2. Pre-appointment Covid Screening It is a Government requirement and common sense, that before you attend for treatment, we check that you are Covid-free and that you consent to coming for treatment in this time. The day before your appointment, you will be sent a reminder email with a link to a Covid-screening form. Please complete this BEFORE you come for your appointment and don't come if you have any Covid symptoms.  

  3. Clinically Vulnerable and Very Vulnerable people If you fall into the clinically vulnerable or very vulnerable category, or live with someone who does, we will need to have a chat to assess whether the benefits of you coming for treatment outweighs any risks to you getting to me for treatment and being in the treatment space.  I have put in significant enhanced hygiene measures to ensure the risk of disease transmission is as low as I can make it, but it is not possible to fully eliminate the risk while the virus is still in the population. 

  4. More time between appointments Anyone who comes to me for treatment will already know that I keep my clinic clean and tidy, however, I will be extra vigilant now. I allow longer spaces between appointments to allow time to air the rooms and do a thorough clean of the rooms between patients. I also wipe down door handles and anythings anyone has touched in my clinic rooms and check the loo's. As there is longer time between appointments, there won't be overlap between my patients to reduce the number of people in the building at any one time, however there are other people using the building, so please adhere to social distances where possible..

  5. Wait in your car/Text on arrival To further reduce the risk of transmission, I'll ask you not to come into the building until it is time for your appointment. Because I will have longer between patients, I won't run late (as I have occasionally be known to in the past), so there is no need for you to wait in the the waiting room. If you arrive early, please wait outside and text me or call me to let me know you have arrived. If you have any issues with mobile phone signal or don't have a mobile phone, I'll pop out to get you at your appointment time.

  6. Face masks  To reduce the risk of transmission, I'll ask you to bring and wear a face mask/covering on arrival. I'll be wearing one too. I'll have a small supply of spare ones available for purchase in case you forget.

  7. Washing Hands On arrival, I'll ask you to wash your hands. One of our two W.C.s at Offizone will be repurposed as a hand-washing station. I'll also have alcohol rub available in my room in case you need to re-sanitise your hands.

  8. Keeping clothing separate and keeping surfaces clean There are a few other bits and bobs I've done to reduce risk, such as: boxing up what I can so everything can be cleaned; changed my soft furnishings for wipeable versions; having a separate clinic outfit with a tunic and clinic shoes rather than my usual casual smart attire.

If you have any questions about my safety procedures, please feel free to get in touch  (phone number 07772 501810 or email: 


Information for Edinburgh Patients

Unfortunately, due to the increased costs off PPE and the reduced number of appointments I can offer due to the necessary adjustments for safe practice during the Covid-19 Pandemic, I took the difficult decision not to return to my Edinburgh practice at Albany Street. I continue to practice in Aberfeldy and focus my energies there. I will however, continue to offer telehealth Fertility support and advice consultations and provide tailored self-care packages. 

​My colleagues at the Albany Street Clinic in Edinburgh have returned to practice and would be happy to help those in Edinburgh looking for an acupuncture appointment. 


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