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Functional Nutrition Therapy with Jill Storstein 


Functional nutrition and lifestyle therapy appointments with Jill Storstein are available via video call. 


A no-obligation 15 minute discovery call is offered at no additional cost to you. It is to discuss whether Nutritional Therapy is suitable for you. The cost is included in the price of the first session, but is free if you choose not to go ahead.



To make an appointment or to ask any questions,  please contact Jill on

07772 501810 or or use the contact form here.

Egg and Avocado Salad

First Nutritional Therapy Appointment

1.5 hours  £135


Includes: 15 minute no-obligation discovery call booked separately, followed by 75 minute intake call to get your full history and make an initial plan, following this an Individualised Health Plan with diet & lifestyle recommendations, recipes, supplement regimen.  Testing recommendations and interpretation of existing results


Longer NT Follow-up Appointment

1 hour  £95

A longer follow-up appointment is required for the second session to review and adjust your individualised health plan, and allow time to explain and discuss test results. There may be other occasions where a longer session is required according to your needs. A revised Individualised Health Plan is sent to you after this, taking account of improvements and information from test results.

NT Follow-up Appointment

45 mins  £75

30 mins  £50

Follow-up appointments are either 30 or 45 minutes depending on your individual needs and where you are in your treatment journey. Both give the opportunity for catching up and making adjustments to you treatment plan. The longer 45 minute session is suitable when we have more to discuss or you have a lot of questions. Duration of appointments are mutually agreed ahead of booking.

Quick check-in and email/text support

15 mins  £25

NT sessions are usually spaced about 4 weeks apart to allow time for you to make changes. Quick check-in appointments are suitable for support between sessions to clarify issues or for brief additional support. 

Email and text responses will be charged according to these rates if they take more than 15 minutes of research/response time. You will be advised how long it will be likely to respond to your enquiry and therefore whether and how much you may be charged. 

Additional Costs

Functional and Diagnostic testing is charged separately and prices are set by the laboratories. Some testing laboratories offer me a small commission when tests are ordered through me. I receive a small percentage to help cover my time researching and interpreting your results. The small commission I receive will never influence my decision to recommend a test, I only ever recommend tests that will help improve your care and treatment plans. When making testing recommendations, I will rank them in order of importance and explain why I am recommending them so you can choose which tests to invest in. Some tests may be available through your GP and I can write to them for you explaining why I think a test may be important for you.

Supplements are not included in the prices above and are at an additional cost to you. I only recommend high quality supplements from reputable companies with a scientific basis for their use. I suggest the best value supplements I can find that meet these criteria. I am a registered practitioner with the Natural Dispensary which provides a practitioner discount which is shared between you, the client and me, the practitioner. As always, I am keen to reduce the costs to you where possible. You receive 20% of the discount and I receive a small 5% commission to help cover my time in researching suitability and checking drug-nutrient interaction. I will only recommend supplements that I think are important for you. Recommendations are made in order of importance and I will explain why they are needed so that you can decide which ones to order. Once again, the small commission I receive will never influence my decision 


All packages include 

  • In depth health, diet and lifestyle assessment looking at medical history, family history, lifestyle, environmental and stressor health impact;

  • Personalised Nutrition, diet and lifestyle health optimisation plan;

  • Supplement recommendations* with a current medication & Drug-nutrient interaction assessment

  • Support materials to help implement change according to individual requirements e.g. recipes, meal suggestions, information sheets etc.

  • Functional testing recommendations*, letters written to GP requesting testing or highlighting health concerns warranting investigation if required.

  • Interpretation of test results in context of nutritional therapy.

  • Extended first appointment and follow-up appointments - the level of support varies according to which package you choose (see below)

Platinum: £685

This package offers the highest level of support, perfect for those who really value personal support and accountability. Gives over 7 hours of one-to-one contact time and is designed be used in 10 appointments over 14 weeks + email and text support between sessions. Suitable for those who complex chronic health conditions and complex fertility support.  


Gold: £530

This package offers fortnightly support for those who would like more personal support and accountability than the silver package. This give 5 and 1/2 hours of one-to-one contact and is designed to be in 6 appointments over 12 weeks with basic email support between sessions. Suitable for chronic health conditions and fertility support.


Silver: £380

This package is designed to give you an overview of your health picture and the basic tools to get you started on your wellness journey.  This gives 4 hours of one-to-one support designed to be used in 4 appointments over 12 weeks Suitable for less complex chronic health conditions, health optimisation and preparing for pregnancy. 

Acupuncture sessions can be added to packages at additional cost where needed.

*Supplements and private testing are not included in the cost of the package. Prices vary and are set by the labs and supplement companies.

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