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Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapy

Getting to the root cause of illness

Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Therapy can make a significant difference to symptoms, illness and optimising health and fertility. It helps understand the root causes by understanding your unique history, analysing symptoms and using functional testing where appropriate. Working with a qualified nutritional therapist can help navigate the overwhelming health information available and identify what is best for you. Together we will produce an optimal health plan that can help you to meet your health goals.

About Functional Nutritional Therapy

Functional Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutritional and lifestyle medicine sciences to optimise health and to help prevent and improve many health conditions. It is a personalised approach that understands no two people are the same – we each have our unique genetic make-up combined our own unique history and complex lives which influence how we feel in our bodies and minds. 


Nutrition, lifestyle and underlying genetic factors are the key drivers of many chronic diseases and they influence our immune response to infectious diseases. These factors effect hormonal balance, immune regulation, gut health, cardiovascular and metabolic health. Your story, your symptoms and health concerns together with carefully selected functional testing helps to identify which body systems are imbalanced and get to the root of your symptoms or concerns. With this information, we can develop your personalised, targeted health plan with achievable dietary and lifestyle adjustments to fit with your life. This can be supported with health coaching and nutritional supplements if needed to help you achieve your health goals. 

Jill Storstein trained at the Institute of Optimal Nutrition and is a Registered Nutritional Therapist with BANT (British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Therapy). She has also completed the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) Hormone Advanced Practice Module; Health Coaching Skills for Nutrition Professionals and the LifeCode GX Practitioner Training. 

For more information on nutrition packages and combined acupuncture and nutrition packages - click here.

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