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Patient Stories

Hi Jill

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that our little girl arrived safely on 16th August at home weighing 8lbs!! Slightly faster than expected hence the home birth……

Thank you so much for all the acupuncture and support you provided in the very early days-I think you were one of the only people who knew so early on and your phrase of ‘cautious optimism’ stayed with me throughout the pregnancy.

I hope you and your family are keeping well and once again, thanks for all your support.

Can I just say thank you SO much not just for all the acupuncture but also for the advice and the support you’ve given me on this journey. I would not be sitting here now with this gorgeous little girl if it weren’t for you!!  xxxxx

[SM – Email January 2019]

Hi Jill, remember me?! hope you are doing well. I wanted to introduce our new little man. We are so delighted. Thanks so much for all of your support & treatment in Edinburgh, it really was the start of getting my body & mind on track to have this little one. We are so happy & settled in Ireland. Big hugs & kisses xxx

[BD – FB message December 2017]

Baby BD.jpg

“My heart is filled with gratitude for the encouragement and help I received from you over these two years. You made me feel cared for”.

[AS –  thank-you card September 2017]

“My extremely painful shoulder and arm was professionally treated by Jill. Several treatments in a very relaxed and comfortable environment released the discomfort.  I can highly recommend her and her acupuncture skills.  A wonderful asset to the area.”

[JS on Facebook July 2017]

“Acupuncture with Jill is brilliant! It has made a real difference for me. The level of relaxation experienced goes deeper every time, it’s an incredible and wonderful feeling of lightness. The atmosphere in the consulting room is calm, warm and comfortable. Jill is very professional, friendly, reliable and an attentive listener. Highly recommended”.

[CB on Facebook, Oct 2016]

“We both had acupuncture treatments with Jill last Autumn, various dates through November. We then had IVF treatment at GCRM in Glasgow in cold and wintry mid December last year, so just squeezed this in right before Christmas. Our positive pregnancy result on 28 December, and later 8 week scan, all were promising…. [Healthy baby boy born August 2016]… Just wanted to share this with Jill Storstein, Acupuncturist who was involved in our acupuncture treatment, and let her know of her part in helping us to have a positive and successful journey.

We are so hugely grateful for all support and excellent treatment received.We feel so very lucky and blessed, and [baby] making us into a family at last means the world to us.

Huge thanks again from the new Family”.

[D&AH by email]

“I had been trying to have another baby for over a year, and was pretty despairing.  I have to confess being sceptical about acupuncture, so I was amazed that after just two sessions with you, I fell pregnant.  My little girl,… was born last week, and my happiness knows no bounds.  I wanted to thank you for helping me, whether through listening to my frustrations, or through acupuncture; I do not know which made the difference, but I will be forever grateful.”

[LR by email]

“I  just want to let everyone know that my 79-year-old mother-in-law had acupuncture with Jill Storstein at Portobello Natural Health below Earthy, and it really helped reduce the ongoing pain in her spine and hip. This is the third time she has met with Jill, who was incredibly supportive and reassuring, and each time the pain has reduced a lot. I just wanted to let folk know, as this was a godsend for Maria”. 


[SW on Facebook]

“[I was] Suffering from 1-2 stress related migraines a week and now down to 1 every 4 months all thanks to Jill Storstein”.


[GDG on Facebook]

“I highly recommend acupuncture with Jill Storstein – it is incredible and has helped me so much”


[JL on Facebook]

Rob’s Story:

I first came to see Jill around November 2014 after 6 months of a very painful problem with my shoulder which was progressively getting worse. I had visited private and NHS physiotherapists and a chiropractor by this stage and had received massage, ‘shockwave’ therapy and ultrasound treatment. However nothing was helping with the intense pain; in fact it was getting worse. My range of shoulder movement was severely inhibited, and at times the pain was excruciating – to the point that I was struggling to sleep. As this all fell around the birth of our second son (we have two children under two years old), I was at my wit’s end as the lack of sleep was intolerable. I have been fairly sceptical of acupuncture in the past, but was willing to give anything and everything a go.

Jill has a calm and relaxed manner, and puts her patients at ease. She explained each technique clearly before performing it, and despite a small fear of needles I have never felt concerned or worried about the treatments. In fact, I find the process relaxes me so much that I invariably go to sleep!

During the period of treatment with Jill I also went to see an orthopaedic consultant (as this referral was in place before my acupuncture treatment had started). He immediately diagnosed frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), and told me I needed a course of direct saline/steroid injections into the shoulder-joint capsule. When I refused, he told me to expect 2 to 2.5 years of pain before the condition naturally eased. When I mentioned the acupuncture treatment he was very dismissive.

As I write this, 6 months after commencing treatment through Jill, I am 100% pain free. I have virtually no restriction in terms of range of movement, and other than a very slight stiffness it is almost as if I have never had a problem. It has been a quite miraculous turn of events, and I am now sold on acupuncture. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone suffering from a similar problem to get in touch with Jill. I also firmly believe that, had I followed the consultant’s advice and gone ahead with the injections whilst ending the acupuncture treatments, I would still be in pain today.

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