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Telehealth Online Consultations

Professional self-care & health advice based on Chinese medicine principles in your own home

Jill Storstein, MSc, DipAc, MBAcC offers online consultations adapted to suit your particular needs, suitable for new and existing patients. Consultations for health complaints will include time to talk and a Chinese medicine diagnosis along with guided treatments which may include: tailored lifestyle diet advice; coping strategies; provision of ear seeds with instruction for auriculotherapy; guided acupressure massage; cupping and other self massage techniques. Care packages may also be posted to you where needed.


Consultations are available for new and existing patients looking for support with their fertility. Fertility support sessions can include advice to prepare you for getting pregnant naturally, with IVF or other Assisted Reproduction techniques. Jill has extensive experience of supporting couples and has a wealth of knowledge about fertility treatments and resources to help you navigate your fertility journey.

New Patient Consultations


If you are new to me, I’ll send you some health questionnaires ahead of time and ask you to complete them before your appointment. During the first consultation online I'll ask you to tell me more about your condition and symptoms and about issues that have come up in your questionnaire. With this information and observational diagnostic methods I'll be able to make a Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment plan. I’ll give you some initial information and instruction in the first appointment to get you started, then follow up with a summary email and resources after the session. We’d then follow-up with another appointment about a week later to see how you’re getting on and adjust as necessary. Information on the services I can provide are detailed below. Once lockdown has ended and I’m able to get back to clinic, you’d then have the option to continue treatment with me in person which would include acupuncture.

Existing or Returning Patient Consultations

Just like when you come to clinic, we will have a bit of time to chat about what’s going on with you in your life and how your symptoms are. What we do in the sessions will depend on you, your symptoms and your particular needs. 


Services and Therapies Available Through Telehealth

Some examples of the care I can provide you with are listed below: 

  • Listening and being a sounding board; 

  • self-care advice; 

  • Diet advice;

  • tailored acupressure prescriptions with guidance on how to do it;

  • Auriculotherapy instructions with ear seeds sent for self application;

  • Self-massage, cupping or gua sha instruction;

  • Sending you care packages to suit your needs;

  • Guided mindfulness meditation;

  • Sign posting to resources.

Additional services for Fertility Patients

  • Advice on BBT charting, tracking your cycle, interpreting the results;

  • Fertility diet and lifestyle advice tailored to your particular needs;

  • Reviewing fertility blood tests and advising on others available;

  • Instruction on how to improve blood flow to the ovaries and uterus;

  • Fertility Acupressure;

  • And anything else that might crop up...

Contact me
  • Talking and Listening  In addition to the hands-on care and information and advice I give, an important part of what I do is listening to you and what’s going on in your world at this time. It can give you a chance to let off steam or just say out loud things that have been swimming around your head in a safe, non-judgmental space;

  • Tailored Self-care Advice  Self-care advice is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. It can include identifying factors and stress points contributing to your condition or symptoms; setting routines that suit your body clock; strategies to help you improve your sleep; working with you to figure out activity or exercise schedules to suit your particular needs.

  • Tailored Diet Advice Diet advice is also tailored to suit your specific needs and circumstances, and to suit where you are on your health journey. This time of lockdown gives many of us the space to review and reflect, so we could look at doing a full review of your diet and eating habits using food diaries. I can then help to identify foods that may be contributing to your symptoms and help you take the next steps to feeling better. I can produce a comprehensive information booklet tailored to your needs with some meal ideas and recipes for a small fee for my time*. 

  • Tailored Guided Acupressure  Acupressure massage is something you can easily do yourself at home. Based on what you tell me I’ll devise an acupoint prescription for you and give you with guidance on how to do it. I’ll also send you instructions on how to find the points and photos of their locations to help you do this at home. If it’s more appropriate, I can do this as a guided, relaxing self-acupressure session with you

  • Auriculotherapy The ear is covered in points that can have a powerful positive effect. I’ll ask you to email me a photo of your ear which I can use to help diagnosis along with the information you give me. I’ll then send you some ear seeds with charts and locations for you to apply at home*.

  • Cupping and Gua Sha There are other techniques I use in clinic which I can show you how to do such as cupping or gua sha. These can be used for a variety of conditions. Cupping is the use of suction cups applied to a part of your body. I have a small supply of silicon cups which can be sent to you ahead of an appointment and I can then guide you through how and where to apply them*.  Gua sha is a Chinese form of massage which uses a small tool rubbed over the surface of the skin. There are a variety of household objects you can do to perform this which I can talk you through.

  • Self-care packages in addition to the ear seeds and cups mentioned above, it may be appropriate for you to use some moxa techniques to warm an area of your body. I have heat packs and moxa sticks I can send to you with instructions*.

  • Mindfulness I can teach you the basics of mindfulness and do a short guided mindfulness meditation with you or sign post you to resources for you to practice in your own time.

  • I have a wealth of knowledge about resources to help you improve your health which I can share with you. 

* A small fee will be applied to cover cost of time, products and postage. Comprehensive diet and lifestyle advice booklets cost £20. Products vary from £2 - £20.


Can I just say thank you SO much not just for all the acupuncture but also for the advice and the support you’ve given me on this journey. I would not be sitting here now with this gorgeous little girl if it weren’t for you!!  xxxxx

SM, 2019

Hi Jill, remember me?! hope you are doing well. I wanted to introduce our new little man. We are so delighted. Thanks so much for all of your support & treatment in Edinburgh, it really was the start of getting my body & mind on track to have this little one. We are so happy & settled in Ireland. Big hugs & kisses xxx

BD, 2018

“I highly recommend acupuncture with Jill Storstein – it is incredible and has helped me so much”

JL, 2015

CPD Courses

Training & CPD Courses 


Formal Qualifications

  • PgDip in Acupuncture, Northern College of Acupuncture, 2013

  • Membership of the British Acupuncture Council since 2013

  • Advanced Diploma in Fertility Support,  Fertility Support Company, 2018  modules on:

    • PCOS and Endometriosis

    • Reproductive Immunology, Hypothyroid and Recurrent Miscarriage

    • Supporting through Assisted Reproductive Technology & IVF

    • Managing Complex conditions in Pregnancy

  • MSc in Acupuncture, Northern College of Acupuncture, 2019

    • (Research project on Acupuncture for Recurrent Miscarriage

Short CPD Courses

  • Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) for emotional health and pain management;

  • Obstetric Acupuncture with Debra Betts;

  • Gua Sha and Cupping;

  • Pain Management with Acupuncture;

  • Treating Skin Conditions with Chinese medicine and acupuncture;

  • Atopic Eczema and Asthma with Giovanni Maciocia;

  • Endometriosis with Giovanni Maciocia;

  • Paediatric Acupuncture with Robin Ray Green;

  • Treating infertility with Chinese medicine and acupuncture with Jane Lyttleton;

  • Introduction to Functional Medicine for Acupuncturists with Dan Kalish

  • Treating Autoimmune Conditions with Ancestral Functional Medicine with Chris Kresser

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