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How Acupuncture Can Help You Feel Better in 2020

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The start of the new year is traditionally a time when our thoughts turn to our health and making resolutions – maybe because of a sense of dissatisfaction, pain or feeling unwell and the new year provides the impetus to take action. I am a great believer in people’s own ability to improve their lives however needed. For some, changes may be manageable independently, but for others, support may be the key to success and lasting change.

Many people know little about acupuncture and tend to associate it only with pain relief, unaware of the variety of conditions and symptoms it can help. In my acupuncture clinic, people may come for something commonplace such as shoulder pain or headaches, but through our chats, it may become apparent that this pain is a symptom of a deeper issue in their life such as constant stress from work or family.

This is why traditional Chinese acupuncture can be so effective. Appointments are relaxing, supportive and long enough to allow time to really listen to you. It is a holistic treatment that considers you as a whole person rather than a string of individual symptoms and disease names. It has its own diagnostic framework which understands the connections between symptoms and the underlying causes of them. And importantly, Chinese medicine is based on the premise that eating well and living our lives in balance is key to a long and healthy life. Therefore, when you are unwell or in pain, a traditional acupuncturist will help guide you back to health with appropriate guidance and support in addition to the therapeutic treatments.

The unique diagnostic framework underpinning traditional acupuncture is its strength because to it is so versatile and a formal diagnosis from conventional medicine is irrelevant to the Chinese medicine diagnosis. Symptoms help formulate part of the diagnosis, but an acupuncturist will also ask other questions to understand connections and underlying causes. For example, the nature of your sleep and energy levels can be particularly illuminating. We also use observational diagnostic tools such as pallor, tongue and pulse. This forms an individualised diagnosis used to tailor treatment plans to suit you and your key symptoms. Advice is modified to suit your constitutional needs and to ensure goals are achievable given the constraints and pressures in your life.

So, this new year, if you have niggling pain, stress, energy issues, or health goals you want to achieve, or a more deep seated physical or mental health issue, you might want to consider acupuncture and visit me, a compassionate, qualified and professional practitioner who can help support you through.

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