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Keeping Warm and nourished this Winter

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

We're in the darkest part of winter now and not too far from the longest day. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is considered important to adjust our lifestyles and diet to suit the season. Winter corresponds to the water element and to the Kidneys. In winter, need to help protect and support our Kidney energy which hold our core energy and is the root of all the other organs. We should slow down and conserve our energy, sleep longer and keep warm. It can really help to keep warm by eating warming, slow cooked, easy to digest foods like soups and stews. Here are some great stew recipes to help you nourish yourself and survive the cold long days.

You can read more about adapting to the winter and living in harmony with the seasons in my previous winter themed blog post which also contains a recipe for bone broth, which is brilliant for supporting our core Kidney energy.

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